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Morristown & Morris Township Library Children's Room

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Wednesday, September 09

Lunch with the Librarian 12:00 PM
Lunch with the Librarian
Join us for lunch and stories at Macculloch Hall. Maccculloch Hall is at 45 Macculloch Avenue and the gardens are in the rear. You bring your lunch and a blanket to sit on, we will bring the stories. For Ages 2-6. This program will run from August 5th to September 30th.

Thursday, September 10

Decorate a Back to School Notebook 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Decorate a Back to School Notebook
Stop in between 3 and 5:30 to decorate a notebook. Start the year showing your own style! For grades K-2. All supplies will be provided. Sponsored by The Friends of the Library.

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Highlight of the Month

What is a Superhero?

The dictionary describes a superhero as a fictionalized person with amazing powers or a very heroic person.  Lots of us know all about Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman, but how many of us know anything about some real life superheroes?  A superhero doesn't have to fly or fight bad guys to be a hero.  A hero can be somebody who is admired for brave acts or having great courage.  Firemen and policemen are heroes because of the bravery they show everyday in their jobs.  Other real life people can be considered heroes because of their actions.  How many of these heroes do you know?

jane addamsJane Addams was a hero to the immigrants in Chicago.  She opened Hull House--a place where  immigrants and poor people could go for help.  They helped people with child care, they helped them with their educations so they could get better jobs, they gave them a public kitchen  and gave them a chance to have a better life.  She's a hero because she saw people who needed help and she found a way to help them!

Jackie Robinson was a hero because he was brave enough to be the first black player in major league baseball.  He was able to be a great player even though he faced prejudice and hatred.  He was selectedjackie robinson as Rookie of the Year in his first year and would later earn the Most Valuable Player Award in in 1949.  Jackie Robinson was a hero because his courage helped him to break the color barrier in baseball and he became a champion for civil rights.

rachel carsonRachel Carson was a hero because she made the world see how dangerous fertilizers and pesticides could be.  She was a friend of the environment and she worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  She would publish a book called Silent Spring that showed how bad pesticides were for our food and the environment.  She was a hero because she tried to keep our food chain safe and she help create a need for environmental change.

Meriwwether Lewis and William Clark were heroes because they were willing to explore the wilderness.  Not knowing exactly what they would find, the two set off on a two year journey at Thomas Jefferson's request.  They left from Camp Wood, near Saint Louis, in 1804 and they would travel all the way to thelewis and clark Pacific Ocean in what is now Oregon.  Their journey took them two years and they covered 8,000 miles, found 173 new plants, and 122 new species of animals.  Their detailed journals and maps would help set routes to the West and the Pacific for future explorers.  Lewis and Clark were heroes because they were brave enough to go off into a wilderness they knew little about for their president and country. 

Book Talk

Summertime Reads

Mouse's First  SummerMouse's First Summer
by Lauren Thompson
A mouse and it's mother celebrate summer with a picnic in the park.

No more pencils, no more booksNo More Pencils, No More Books, No More Teacher's Dirty Looks!
by Diane De Groat
Gilbert and his first-grade classmates are nervous about their performance on the last day of school, curious about the awards they will receive, sad to be leaving their teacher, and excited about summer vacation.
I am extremely absolutely boilingI am Extremely Absolutely Boiling
by Lauren Child
Charlie and Lola are trying their best to beat the summer heat, but things go from hot to boiling when Lola refuses to talk to Arnold Wolf after he accidentally knocks her ice cream to the ground and won't apologize.  Lola says that she will never forgive him.  Can Charlie help Lola change her mind?
Mouse's Summer MuddleMouse's Summer Muddle
by Anita Loughrey
The woods are bursting with color and the sun is shining.  Butterflies chse each other in the breeze and something mysterious is sparkling in the pond!  With a little help from her friends, can Mouse find out what it is?

Mosey's FieldMosey's Field
by Barbara M. Lockhart
Mosey has a napping place in the middle of a corn field. When the field is prepared for the summer's crop of corn, Mosey can't find his spot. As the corn grows and the field changes, so do Mosey's adventures.  Will he ever find his favorite nap location?

like bug juice on a burgerLike Bug Juice on a Burger
by Julie Sternberg
As the days go on, nine-year-old Eleanor realizes that maybe being at summer camp isn't so bad after all, and is full of special surprises.

half a chanceHalf a Chance
by Cynthia Lord
Lucy, with her mother and her photographer father, has just moved to a small rural community in New Hampshire, and with her new friend Nate, she plans to spend the summer taking photos for a contest, but pictures sometimes reveal more than people are willing to see.

Dory FantasmagoryDory Fantasmagory
by Abby Hanlon
Dory, the youngest in her family, is a girl with a very active imagination, and she spends the summer playing with her imaginary friend, pretending to be a dog, battling monsters, and generally driving her family nuts.

Island of Dr. LibrisThe Island of Dr. Libris
by Chris Grabenstein
A twelve-year-old boy, worried that his parents may divorce, discovers that an island in the middle of the lake where he is spending the summer is the testing grounds of the mysterious Dr. Libris, who may have invented a way to make the characters in books come alive.

Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Summer VacationCharlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Summer Vacation
by Tom Greenwald
Charlie Joe Jackson is back and he's at academic summer camp trying to convert all the other kids to non-academics.


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