Morristown & Morris Township Library Children's Room
Morristown & Morris Township Library Children's Room

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Highlight of the Month

Back to School Fun

Share some school riddles!

school houseWhy did the teacher wear sunglasses?
Because her students were bright.

Where did the music teacher leave her keys?
In the piano.

How do you get straight A's?
Use a ruler.

What did the pen say to the pencil?
What's your point?

What do librarians take with them when they go fishing?
Book worms.

How do bees get to school?
laughing emojiBy school buzz.

What is the smartest state?
Alabama--it has 4 A's and 1 B.

Why was the math book sad?laughing chicks
It had too many problems.

Which hand is it better to write with?
Neither.  You should use a pen or a pencil.


What did you learn in school today?
Not enough.  I have to go back tomorrow.

What animal cheats at exams?
The cheetah.


Book Talk


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Back to School

Not this bearNot this Bear
by Alyssa Satin Capucilli
It's bears first day of school and he's a bit reluctant to go.  Mama says all bears love school; Bear isn't so sure.  But school turns out to be full of fun--painting pictures, listening to stories, and making new friends.  Maybe this bear will like school after all.
A funny thing happened on the way to schoolA Funny thing Happened on the way to School
by Davide Call
A humorous story about imaginative excuses for being late to school.
Go to school Little MonsterGo to School Little Monster
by Helen Ketteman
Little Monster is nervous about his first day of school, but his teacher, Mr. Drool, and the other monsters put him at ease.
abc school's for meABC School's for me!
by Susan B. Katz
Simple rhymes for each letter of the alphabet introduce babies to school activities.
busy little dinosaursBusy Little Dinosaurs
by Betty Schwartz
In simple rhyming text, little dinosaurs learn the alphabet at school.
EllRay Jakes the recess kingEllRay Jakes the Recess King!
by Sally Warner
Eight year old EllRay Jakes of Oak Glen Primary School is looking for a new best friend, and he decides that the best way to find one is to come up with a bunch of amazing things to do at recess--and see who shares the fun.
class dismissedClass Dismissed
by Allan Woodrow
Class 507 is terrible, and one day, after a particularly disastrouos science experiment, Ms. Bryce quits and walks out in the middle of class, and the school office never finds out.  At first all of the fifth graders enjoy goofing off, but after a few days that starts to get boring.  The students begin to realize that school without a teacher is not easy, cooperating is difficult, and keeping a secret is harder than they thought.


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