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Thursday, February 18

Grades 4-6 Book Club 7:00 PM
Grades 4-6 Book Club
Join us as we discuss Because of Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea. You can pick up a copy of the book in the children's room. For students in grades 4-6.

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Highlight of the Month

Reindeer Facts

How much do you really know about reindeer?

Reindeer on mountainTheir scientific name is Rangifer Tarasndus.

Reindeer are also know as caribou.

Reindeer live in the Northern parts of North America including Canada and Alaska.  They also live in Europe, Russian and Greenland.

Reindeer live on tundras.  A tundra is a vast, flat, treeless Arctic region.

Reindeer are herbivores.  They eat lichen, which is a type of moss, grass and plants.

Reindeer can live up to 15 years in the wild.

Reindeer are usually 4-5 feet tall not including their antlers.  Their antlers are 3 feet tall!reindeer

Reindeer can weigh anywhere from 240 to 700 pounds.

Reindeer are the only deer in which both male and females grow antlers.  They shed their antlers in the winter.

Reindeer antlers are like human fingerprints.  No two reindeer antlers are exactly the same.

Reindeer use their hooves to dig for food in the snow.  The outer edges of their hooves are sharp to help them walk on ice and rocks.

Reindeer can run 50 miles per hour.

baby reindeerMale reindeer are called bucks.

Female reindeer are called does.

Baby reindeer are called fawns.

Book Talk

'Tis the season

a gift for mamaA Gift for Mama
by Linda Ravin Lodding
A little boy is on the search for the perfect gift for his mother, navigating the streets of 1890's Vienna, meeting new people, and continuing to trade one gift for another.
Pinkalicious and the perfect presentPinkalicious and the Perfect Present
by Victoria Kann
While attending a yard sale, Pinkalicious finds all kinds of great items, but the one she finally chooses is not for her.
gifts of the heartGifts of the Heart
by Patricia Polacco
Kay Lamity, Trisha and Richie's new housekeeper, shows them how special it is to give Christmas gifts that come from the heart.
Oh! what a surpriseOh! What a Surprise!
by Suzanne Bloom
Fox is curious when she sees her friends, Goose and Bear, making presents and hopes that one of them might be for her, but then she worries that they might not be making anything for her and decides to make her own gifts for Goose and Bear.

The presentThe Present
by Bob Gill
A young boy imagines all the things that can be inside a present he found in his parent's closet, and after a visitor arrives, he realizes sharing is the best gift of all.

Thank you bearThank you Bear
by Greg Foley
Despite the criticism of others, a bear finds the perfect gift for his mouse friend.
Shall I knit you a hat?Shall I Knit you a Hat?
by Kate Klise
When Mother Rabbit knits a warm winter hat for Little Rabbit, he likes it so much that he suggests they make hats for all of their friends as Christmas gifts.
Silver packagesSilver Packages: an Appalachian Christmas Story
by Cynthia Rylant
Every year at Christmas a  rides a train through Appalachia and throws gifts to the poor children who are waiting, in order to repay a debt he owes the people who live there.
Just Right for ChristmasJust Right for Christmas
by Birdie Black
One snowy Christmas Eve, a king buys some soft, red cloth to make the perfect Christmas gift for his daughter.  Little does he know that the left over cloth will be used to make presents for many more of the kingdom's inhabitants, right down to the last teeny bit of cloth which is made into a scarf just right for a mouse.
The trees of the dancing goatsThe Trees of the Dancing Goats
by Patricia Polacco
During a scarlet fever epidemic one winter in Michigan, a Jewish family helps make Christmas special for their sick neighbors by making their own Hanukkah miracle.


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