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Highlight of the Month

Travel Games


How many times will you hear that on your next vacation?  Here are some games to play during your next road trip.finger write
Mystery Writing:  Someone holds out his hand and closes his eyes while another person or child "writes" on his hand with a finger.  The first person has to guess what the second person is writing.  Start with just letters, and if it gets too easy, play with 2 or 3 letter words.  The good news is that there is no winner or loser with this game and it can go on indefinitely. 

license plate map of usaLicence Plate Game:  This is a game most of us know--looking for license plates for all 50 states.  Print a map of the United States before you leave home.  As you spot a license plate, color in the state.  If you've tried this version of the game have you ever tried the make a phrase from the license plate game?  Spot a license plate and call out the letters on it.  Then everyone tries to come up with a different phrase using the letters in the order they appear on the license plate as the first letter of each word. for example CCP could be cousins can party or capital city Providence.  When you can't think of any more, look for another license plate!

Where's the Alphabet:  Play as teams or solo players.  Use road signs, billboards, shop names, license plates--ABCanything works as long as it is outside the car.  Look for every letter of the alphabet, in alphabetical order, although the letter can be located anywhere in the word.  If there is a fruit stant with a sign for Granny Smith apples, there's your A.  The exit for the Brooklyn Bridge would cover B, road Closed is C and so on.  The first person or team to Z wins.

counting cowsCounting Cows:  Count the cows you see on your side of the car.  If you pass a field of cows, count fast!  If you pass a cemetery on your side of the car, you lose all your cows, but only if the opposing team calls "your cows are buried!".  You can always try distraction tactics to cause your opponent to miss cows on their side of the road or to make them miss a cemetery on your side of the road.   Some variation of rules  allows for bonuses--white horses can be worth extra cows.

Book Talk

The Places You Go

cows going pastCows Going Past
by Bruce Balan
A family see many different kinds of cows from the window of their car while on a trip.
Going PlacesGoing Places
by Peter Reynolds
Rafael has looked forward to the Going Places contest and builds his go-cart from a kit in record time, but his neighbor, Maya, has a much more interesting and creative idea for her entry and Rafael decides to help.

Dinosaur vs. the LibraryDinosaur vs. the Library
by Bob Shea
Dinosaur is going to one of his favorite places, the library, and on the way he encounters a series of animals, including a cow, baby chicks, a turtle, and an owl, and shares his roars with each.

Mousetronaut Goes to MarsMousetronaut Goes to Mars
by Mark E. Kelly
A mouse stowaway on NASA's first human mission to Mars becomes a hero when one of the landing craft's engines fails.


Scaredy Squirrel Goes CampingScaredy Squirrel Goes Camping
by Melanie Watt
Scaredy Squirrel takes a trip through the campground and finds out the wilderness is meant to be enjoyed up close.

Buster Goes to Cowboy CampBuster Goes to Cowboy Camp
by Denise Fleming
When Buster the dog's owner goes away for a few days, he sends Buster to Sagebrush Kennels for Cowboy Camp, where Buster is homesick at first, but hen has fun herding balls into the corral, gathering sticks for a campfire, and making wanted posters with his pawprints.

Time to Say Bye-ByeTime to say bye-bye
by Maryann Cocca-Leffler
A toddler goes to the playground, to Grandma's house, and home to play, then has a bath and goes to bed, each activity requiring a goodbye tht also signals the beginning of new events.

How Big is the WorldHow Big is the World
by Britta Teckentrup
Little Mole goes on a journey to see how big the world really is.

Museum Trip Museum Trip
by Barbara Lehman
In this wordless picture book, a boy imagines himself inside some the the exhibits when he goes on a field trip to the museum.
Sweet Briar Goes to CampSweet Briar Goes to Camp
by Karma Wilson
When Sweet Briar Skunk goes to day camp, she is torn between her popular new friends and a lonely porcupine she wants to befriend.
A Whale of a TaleA Whale of a Tale
by Amy Hsu Lin
Splat's family is going to the beach and Splat can't wait to find a shell with the sound of the sea inside!  But when all he finds are broken shells, can a friend in the ocean help save the day?
The Adventures of Vin FizThe Adventures of Vin Fiz
by Clive Cussler
Ten year old twins Casey and Lacey fly an enchanted, antique airplane, named the Vin Fiz, across the United States and have several daring adventures along the way.
It Happened on a TrainIt happened on a Train
by Mac Barnett
Seventh-grader Steve Brixton finds himself pulled back into sleuthing when, during a train trip down the California coast, he uncovers a mystery involving a fleet of priceless automobiles, an assassin and a private rail car.


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