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The Gone Series by Michael Grant

Today might be a completely normal day. You get up, you get dressed, go to school. One minute your teacher's talking about the Civil War and the next she's just... gone.

There are four books in the Gone series.  The first one, Gone, dives right into the action.  There's no build up, no exposition, it just dives right into the action of all the people above the age of 15 disappearing in a moment.  The kids who are left quickly realize they need to take charge, before the life they know dissolves into chaos.  Without adults around things are tough. Their town, Perdido Beach, is completely cut off from the rest of the world.  There's nothing and no one coming in and there's nothing and no one going out.

In the subsequent books, Hunger, Lies and the most recent one just published today, Plague, it's revealed that many of the kids in the town develop what can only be described as super powers.  And the kids that don't have super powers are pretty unhappy about the ones who do.  

This series is a scary look at what can happen to kids in a world without direction and what happens when the people who you rely on either disappear, or slowly become something unrecognizable. 

The books are long, but they're worth your time if you enjoy books about alternative universes.  Because the Gone series is another book that takes place in a recognizable world, where the sky is blue and the grass is green.   But it's a world where kids can no longer be kids.  Creepy!

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