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Review: Gimme a Call by Sarah Mylnowski

Haiku Review!

What if you could tell
your younger self how to fix
you life? Would it work?

Things are NOT going so well for Devi Banks. She's a senior in high school, just weeks from graduation, and her boyfriend, Bryan, breaks up with her. And she drops her cell phone into a fountain at the mall. Which wouldn't be so bad, except now it only can make outgoing phone calls to one person- her younger self.

When Devi realizes who she's talking to, she decides to change her life.  As older Devi and younger Devi work together, older Devi starts to see things change.  The friends that she neglected while with Bryan are suddenly around all the time, the college acceptance letter to a not so great school changes too.  Some of the changes don't work out well and some do.  Both Devi's soon learn that actions have consequences and that even the smallest change in the past effects the future.  And don't worry, they try the old "learn the lotto numbers and win!" trick, but it's really disastrous.

All in all, Gimme a Call is a fun, lighthearted read with just enough substance to make you think.  If given the opportunity, would you try to change your world?

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