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North Jersey History & Genealogy Center
Archival & Manuscript Collections

The North Jersey History & Genealogy Center owns the papers, records and manuscript materials of individuals and organizations from the Northern New Jersey area.  Links to the finding aids for each individual collection are listed under the following subject headings.  A finding aid describes and lists the contents of a specific collection and is meant to be a guide for the researcher.  Researchers may access the contents of these collections in the North Jersey History & Genealogy Center Reading Room.


Family and Personal Papers

Abell, Frank D. Papers, 1901-1968.
Morristown, New Jersey banker and politician [Related collection, Jennie Dean Beaver, M.D., Papers,1900-1967]

Angus Family Evidence Scrapbook, 1853-1969.
One scrapbook of research materials used to compile Angus family genealogy. Includes photographs, correspondence, newspaper clippings and one burial record.

Arnold Family Papers, 1763-1878.
Owners of Revolutionary War era tavern; family records; business transactions; Morristown, New Jersey.

Auchincloss and Schnell Family Papers, 1835 - ca.1987.
Personal papers and genealogical information from two New York and New Jersey families and their work in the publishing and engineering fields.

Ball Family Papers, 1810-1950
The Ball Family Papers include legal documents, property records, diaries, correspondence and photographic material of a successful Morris County farming family, dating from the mid- 19th to early 20th century.

Beaver, M.D., Jennie Dean Papers, 1900-1967.
First female physician of Morristown, New Jersey.

Brienza Family Collection, 1914-1964.
Boxing in New Jersey; U.S. Army; American Red Cross; Fencing, Newark, New Jersey.

Canfield-Phillips Family Papers, 1890-1952.
Prominent Morristown, New Jersey family; correspondence; genealogy.

Chief George Nixon Collection, 1883-1998
This collection documents the career of a long-time Morristown firefighter and his rise through the ranks of the local fire department. The collection spans from 1883-1998 with the bulk of material dated 1960-1976. The documents, materials and artifacts found here (including fire ribbons and badges as well as a 19th century boarding house register book kept by his grandmother) were either created or collected by George Nixon.

Clyde Potts Papers, 1895-1959
This collection documents the personal, political and professional life of the former Mayor of Morristown, Clyde Potts. Types of material include printed material, letters, memoranda, speeches, reports and research that reflect his work both as Mayor and as a prominent Civil Engineer.

Colles Family Papers, 1807-1946.
Letters of a late 19th and early 20th century family; Morristown, New Jersey.

Cutler Family Paper and the Cutler Land Company Records, 1763-1974
One of Morristown’s most prominent founding families, the Cutlers were physicians, politicians, lawyers, and owned a significant amount of land in New Jersey and the Midwest.

DeCamp Family Papers, 1745-1976.
Early Morris County history; genealogy; Morris County, New Jersey.

DeChiara Family Papers, 1905 – 2005.
Personal and business papers of the head of urban renewal responsible for planning Morristown’s Headquarters Plaza redevelopment project.

Diary of Thomas McClure Peters, 1844-1866
Archdeacon of New York and rector of St. Michael’s Protestant Episcopal Church in New York; McClure Peters also founded the Sheltering Arms home for children.

Dustan Family Papers, 1884-1959
The Dustan Family Papers chronicles a prominent Morristown family whose veterinary practice spanned two generations. The collection contains correspondence, paper documents, account books, bound volumes, a scrapbook, oversized charts and certificates and photographs.

Ethelbert E. Furlong Collection
The Ethelbert E. Furlong Collection contains three manuscript boxes of professional material and approximately 1000 professional landscaping plans created by Furlong during his career.

Faesch Correspondence and Genealogy Collection, [1764-1828]; 1963; 1982-1983.
Pre- and post- Revolutionary war era correspondence and genealogical collection created by the Faesch family of Morris County. John Jacob Faesch was an important figure in the iron mining/iron ore industry that helped to supply George Washington’s army with artillery and ammunition.

Fowler, Alex Collection, 1771-1984.
Historic Homes of Morris County, New Jersey.

Frances, Helen Clark Girl Scout Papers, 1926-1937.
Personal documents of an early Morristown, New Jersey Girl Scout.

Halsey, Edmund D. Papers, 1793-1906.
Legal abstracts, surveys and search notes for properties in the town of Denville, and the townships of Rockaway, Pequannock and Hanover, New Jersey from the 19th century.

Harper, Ethel Ernestine Papers, 1905-1981.
First African-American to become a professional in the Morris Area Girl Scouts Council; Morristown, New Jersey.

Hill Family Papers , 1841-1946
The papers document a prominent upper middle class Morristown family that endeavored to enter high society while confronting financial instability and personal conflict. The papers especially highlight the life and career of Alice Leslie Hill, an avid Republican reformer, feminist, and birth control activist whose fractious personal life led to her institutionalization at Greystone Park.

Hopping Family of Hanover, Papers, 1820-1940.
Photographs of Hopping house and Hopping family members from Hanover Township, New Jersey. Genealogy, postcards and other ephemeral items are included.

Hotchkin Sisters Papers, 1862-1956.
The Hotchkin Sisters Concert Co. and Bell Ringers were a travelling musical group from Summit, New Jersey. Included in this collection are photographs by a late 19th century female photographer, M. Louise Greene, of Morristown, New Jersey.

Howell Genealogy Papers, 1819-1899
This collection contains one box of genealogical documents, correspondence, professional certificates, and legal documents such as deeds, mortgages, and wills. The bulk of the material pertains to George W. Howell (1835-1901), although various members of his extended family are also represented, including; the Todd’s, Lee’s, and Cornish’s of Morris County.

Howell, George W. Correspondence, 1856-1960.
Collection of personal correspondence between New Jersey Normal School student, George W. Howell, and his family. The letters recount the daily life on the Howell farm in Littleton, New Jersey and a student's life at the New Jersey Normal School in Trenton.

James-McCarroll Family Papers, 1801-1910.
19th century real estate interests of two Morris County, New Jersey families.

Kathryn B. Jackson Papers, 1901 – 1994
Beloved children’s author and Morristown resident. Among the numerous books written by Jackson for the Golden Books series, she is perhaps best known for the Saggy Baggy Elephant and the Tawny Scrawny Lion.

Miscellaneous Manuscripts Index 1691-2011
Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection contains smaller or single-item collections that are unrelated by provenance. The collection spans the years 1691 to 2011 and is arranged alphabetically. Content varies widely, but primarily centers around the Morris County vicinity and New Jersey.

Molnar, Joseph Papers, 1953-1959.
The Cold War and the Ground Observer Corps (GOC); Morristown, New Jersey.

Ogden Family Papers, 1905-1939
Elizabeth Town (Newark), New Jersey, family history. Includes information on the New York and Connecticut Ogdens.

Owen Family Papers, 1857-1937.
Morristown, New Jersey physician, Civil War veteran and family papers.

Ralston and Nesbitt Family Papers, 1700-1964.
Mendham, Morris County, New Jersey family legal papers; genealogy.

Rice, Denise Guerin Collection, 1724-2005.
Early Morris County history; genealogy; Morris County, New Jersey.

Robert Simms Collection, 1940 – 1990
Stage and television actor, theater instructor, and longtime Morristown resident; Simms had a prolific career in community theater and off-Broadway productions.

Rockland, Michael Aaron Papers, 1967-2004.
Morristown, New Jersey based author.

Sam Faiello Papers, 1959-1987
Writer, publicist, and novelist whose career encompassed work on New Jersey legislative campaigns, with advertising and public relations firms, and as a published novelist.

Sharp Family Papers, 1751-1934.
Washington Township, Morris County, New Jersey family legal and business papers; early 19th century resort hotel at Budd Lake, Mt. Olive Township, Morris County, New Jersey.

Thomas McClure Peters Diary, 1844-1866
Archdeacon of New York and rector of St. Michael’s Protestant Episcopal Church in New York; McClure Peters also founded the Sheltering Arms home for children.

Tuttle-Hoff Papers, 1761-1835.
Documentation of the Tuttle, Hoff, Ford, and DeCamp families of Morris County, New Jersey.

Vaughan Family Papers, 1868-2003.
Morristown, New Jersey physician and politician.

Whitehead Family Papers, 1741-1945.
Documents the business, genealogy and land transactions of an early Morris County farm family.

Wise Family Papers, 1832-1943 [bulk 1844-1865]
This collection consists of family papers of a prominent Southern family who were related by marriage to the Miller family of Morristown. It includes Civil War-era diaries, personal and military correspondence, handwritten manuscripts, federal government dispatches, published political speeches, genealogical notes, and newspaper and periodical clippings. They papers reflect the actions, thoughts and deeds of a slave-owning southern family during our nations’ civil war.

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