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Digital Collections

The North Jersey History & Genealogy Center Photograph Collection

This collection, acquired by the History Center over the course of many years, contains thousands of photographs that provide a visual narrative of Morris County, New Jersey history.  The Old Arnold Tavern, 1886

The New Jersey Postcard Collection

Picture postcards, most popular in the first part of the twentieth century, often depicted aspects of American culture that were not captured in any other medium. This collection features views, particularly of the Morris County region, which have changed over time, or no longer exist.  Postcard of Morristown High School, circa 1916

Images of Early 20th Century Morristown: The Frederick Venton Curtiss Photograph Collection

Frederick Curtiss, an innovative free-lance photographer, documented people, places and events in the Morristown, New Jersey area from 1903 to 1938. This collection of (approximately) 10,000 photographs provides images of social and historical events as well as glimpses into everyday life.  July 4th parade, 1933

The Thomas Nast Collection

Thomas Nast, the preeminent nineteenth century political cartoonist, lived in Morristown, New Jersey, from 1872 - 1902. Nast's work transcended the political field into the area of children's literature, social commentary and historical painting, embodying much of American history from the Civil War to the turn of the century. Material seen here represents original sketches, drawings, paintings, engravings and select published prints from The Thomas Nast Collection. (For more images and information about the life and work of Thomas Nast, please view the complete inventory of our Thomas Nast Collection under Finding Aids.)  Thomas Nast, self portrait, 1884

The John DePol Collection

John DePol, renowned printer, wood-engraver and book illustrator, is known for his distinctive small chiaroscuro prints. Often using New York as a source of subject matter, DePol also worked from sketches he made while stationed in Northern-Ireland during World War II. This collection includes prints, book illustrations, and designs for bookplates, Christmas cards and letterhead.  Wood engraving by John DePol

The Lucille Hobbie Collection

Boonton, New Jersey native, Lucille Hobbie, was a self-taught artist who worked primarily in watercolor painting and lithographic printing. This collection is comprised primarily of her Historic Morris County prints.  Sledding at Louis Morris Park, by Lucille Hobbie

The Arthur Burdett Frost Collection

Artist and illustrator, A.B. Frost, lived in Convent Station, New Jersey, for many years, a time he later described as the happiest and most productive years of his life. Known for his exquisitely detailed and beautifully realistic sporting scenes, Frost was also a caricaturist and comic artist. But he is perhaps best remembered for his charming and timeless renderings of Brer Rabbit and other characters from Joel Chandler Harris' Uncle Remus books.  Sketch of Brer Rabbit, by A.B. Frost

Morris Area Maps and Atlases

With the industrialization of the east coast and western migration to settle America’s heartland, in the latter half of the 19th and early 20th century, county atlases became very popular. These atlases showed property ownership, which usually included the individual’s name and often the footprint of their house. To create further appeal to individuals, the publishers of these county atlases would include artistic renderings of homes, businesses, and civic buildings. Today, not only are these county atlases aesthetically pleasing, but they are an important source of information for historians and genealogists. County atlases show the development of communities in new streets, railroads, the realignment of waterways, and the trend from residential to commercial districts.

1868 Beers Atlas

Atlas of Morris Co. New Jersey, From actual Surveys by and under the direction of F.W. Beers, assisted by A.B. Prindle & others. F.W. Beers, A.D. Ellis & G.G. Soule, 1868  Beers map of Morristown, 1868

1887 Robinson Atlas

Robinson's Atlas of Morris County New Jersey. Compiled From Official Records Private Plans & Actual Surveys Under the Direction of E. Robinson. E. Robinson, Publisher, 1887  Robinson's Map of Greystone, 1887

1910 Mueller Atlas

Atlas of Part of Morris Co., N.J. Embracing the Town of Morristown, The Boroughs of Madison, Florham Park, Chatham and Mendham, Morris Township and Parts of Chatham, Hanover, Mendham, and Passaic Townships. Mueller, 1910  Mueller's Map of Morristown,  1910

About Our Collections

Welcome to the North Jersey History & Genealogy Center Digital Collections, a department within the Morristown & Morris Township Public Library. We present materials here that are from our Special Collections and Archives, ranging in subject matter from everyday life in 19th century Northern Jersey, to the art of Thomas Nast and A.B. Frost, detailed historical maps and atlases, Morristown's Gilded Age, and fascinating images of Morris County life by the early 20th century documentary photographer Frederick Curtiss. Our patrons are now able to find images and historical information with easy and accurate subject searching, and we are able to save wear and tear on these fragile items. Collections are presented in a variety of formats, including photographs, art, and text. Our Digital Collections will be expanded and updated on an ongoing basis.

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