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Morristown & Morris Township Library Children's Room

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Saturday, February 23

Family Craft Story Time 11:00 AM
Family Craft Story Time
Join us every Saturday morning starting on January 12th and continuing through March 16th for some stories and crafts. For ages 3-8.

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Highlight of the Month

Long Winter Naps

What do animals do in the winter?
hibernating hedgehogMaybe the better question is what do you do in the winter? Do you go sledding? Do you build snowmen? Do you like to stay in your pajamas and read a book? Well, if you were a bear, or a skunk, or an opossum, you would sleep most of the winter! That is a very long nap. Many animals nap, or hibernate during the short, cold days of winter. Hibernation happens when an animal becomes inactive or dormant and seems to be sleeping. The list of hibernating and dormant animals ishibernating bear long and includes bears, squirrels, groundhogs, raccoons, opossums, frogs, toads, turtles, snakes, shrimp and even some insects. To prepare for hibernation, many animals eat to gain weight in the summer and fall. The extra fat keeps them alive during the winter. A black bear can gain up to 30 pounds a week during its pre-hibernation eating binge. During the fall, hibernating squirrel with acornanimals prepare nests for their winter sleep. Some will store extra food in their nests. Some animals wake for short periods to eat but others sleep through the entire winter. Animals need very little energy while hibernating and the heart rate for many animals slows to less than 10 beats per minute. You don't have to worry about animals freezing because if their body temperature drops too low, the animals will wake up. So if you go out hiking in some woods this winter, remember you might be in somebody's bedroom!


Book Talk


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The library now subscribes to TumbleBooks, a collection of eBooks, eAudiobooks, eReadAlongs, graphic novels, National Geographic videos, interactive games, and more, just for kids.

Brrr...It's getting cold outside!


Dino DucklingDino Duckling
by Alison Murray
A funny and touching celebration of difference, based on Hans Christian Andersen's The Ugly Duckling. Dino Duckling can dive, swim and fish just like his duckling brothers and sisters. But when the time comes for the family to fly south for the winter, Dino Duckling fnd he really is different.

Bear and chickenBear and Chicken
by Jannie Ho
Is Bear friend or foe? When Bear finds a chicken frozen in the winter snow, he brings her home to defrost her. As Chicken thaws--um, awakens--she fears that Bear is actually preparing to eat her. Oh no! Will Chicken become Bear's lunch? Or does Bear have a different plan in mind?
claudia and mothClaudia and Moth
by Jennifer Hansen Rolli
Claudia loves butterflies. Blue ones. Yellow ones. Purple ones with dots. And since she can't take them home, she paints them in all their beautiful colors. But when winter comes, there are no more butterflies to paint...until she finds a little moth. Suddenly, Claudia sees winter in a whole new light.
Game of GnomesGame of Gnomes
by Kirsten Mayer
Tired of being known only for her curly red hair, Ginger Gnome competes in the Winter Gnome Games, where she definitely gets attention.
A Loud Winter's NapA Loud Winter's Nap
by Katy Hudson
Every year Tortoise sleeps through winter. He assumes he isn't missing much. Will Tortoise sleep through another winter, or will his friends convince him to stay awake and experience the frosty fun of winter?
The Storm Whale in WinterThe Storm Whale in Winter
by Benji Davies
On a snowy island, a little boy waits and watches while his father sails out on one last fishing trip. As the snow becomes a blizzard and then a powerful storm, the little boy must find his father. But when he needs help, who will save him?
Into the SnowInto the Snow
by Yuki Kaneko
A child plays in the snow and experiences the sensory joys of winter and independence.


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