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The Snowman Diaries 2009 - 2012

The Snowman Diaries  2009 - 2012
The Snowman Diaries 2009-2012, Small Works on Paper, Scraps and from Notebooks by Neil Holmes will be the next exhibit in the library's F.M. Kirby Gallery. Started in late 2009, Holmes began to use the simple three circles of the snowman as a blank canvas on which to express his state of mind, react to the world around him, and occasionally “comment” on a particular event. From January 21 through March 17. An opening reception will be held on Sunday, January 27 at 2:00 p.m. Refreshments will be served.

Further “ideas” are explored with the addition of his decades-old, cartoon alter-ego, Regular Guy, who consorts with a talking snowman and a squirrel, sometimes from the other side of the bathroom door.

Holmes began this work in the pages of notebooks he kept nearby, but gradually began drawing on every handy scrap of cast off paper and cardboard he could find, including the lids of ravioli boxes, discarded clothing tags, and the flaps and panels of dog biscuit packaging.

Some of the images are light-hearted, others downright bleak, but having shared them with his peers– many of them fellow alumni of The School Of Visual Arts–and getting a positive response, he has decided to follow their advice and share them here with anyone who cares to look.


Neil Holmes is a freelance graphic designer and artist who studied at The School of Visual Arts and plied his trade in publishing and corporate advertising. Born and raised in New York, he was lured from the bright lights and snappy lifestyle of Gotham by the beautiful young woman who would become his wife, for a more sedate existence in New Jersey.

Shortly after leaving the advertising realm to try his hand as an illustrator, Neil and his wife were blessed with the arrival of two beautiful baby girls, a few years apart, and while continuing to hire himself out as a designer, he became a stay-home dad. He was surprised to find his new responsibilities not unlike those in the corporate world, only without nearly as much crying, and infinitely more rewarding.

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