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Exhibit: The Life and Art of Mieke van Ommen-de Mos (Oct. 10 - Jan. 8)

Exhibit: The Life and Art of Mieke van Ommen-de Mos (Oct. 10 - Jan. 8)
Maria (aka Mieke) van Ommen-de Mos(1921-2014) grew up on Sumatra in the Dutch East Indies, now Indonesia. She was a budding artist at the time and wrote a personal diary of her life and thoughts from Jan. 1941 until Nov.1943, as Japan invaded Sumatra placing her in “Family Internment” from March 1942-August 1945. She did many watercolors and sketches of life, as well as flowers, dress designs, and Poeloe Brayan Camp. An exhibit reception will be held on Sunday, November 20 at 2:00 p.m. where attendees can meet the exhibit curator, Mark de Mos and hear even more about Mieke’s story.

After the war she went to Holland, married, and moved Canada and finally the US. In Canada she learned to do ceramics, handforming flowers, and painting flowers on boxes etc. In Morris Township, after her husband Minnekus passed away, she took up watercolor again after an over 30 year layoff.Photo of Maria (aka Mieke) van Ommen-de Mos

This exhibit features her diaries, drawing and paintings from the internment as well as Japanese documents and books she carried into internment, family photographs and 8 mm videos of pre-war Sumatra,ceramics (1955-76), and watercolors and pastels she painted here. This is the most compressive exhibit of her work, with many explanatory cards.

Her work will be on display now through January 8, 2017 on the second floor of the library in the F.M. Kirby Gallery.

This video is an introduction to her life and art.

This is a video taken of her home and hometown, Medan Sumatra, as well as a project that her father, a civil engineer, built.

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