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Recommended Websites - Seniors


Government Assistance

Administration for Community Living
The Administration for Community Living is a combination of Administration on Aging, the Office on Disability, and the Administration on Developmental Disabilities.

This web site from the National Council on the Aging is a free, easy to use service that identifies federal and state assistance programs for older Americans.

Eldercare Directory
Essential governmental resources for senior citizens and their caregivers.

Comfort and support for caregivers from the nonprofit Center for Family Caregiving, including six online support groups, survival guides, weekly tips, FAQs and access to a variety of resource materials.

Long Term Care Planning
Provided by the National Care Planning Council this site is designed to provide a complete source of instruction for people who are searching for vital information relating to long term care or elder care planning. Contained here are 35 in-depth chapters, totaling over 670 printable pages, from 8 experts and covering all areas of long-term care planning, or as it's more commonly called, elder care planning.

Medicare's site includes a participating physician directory, comparison of supplemental (Medigap) insurance plans, Medicare publications for downloading, nursing home comparisions and links to other web sites.

Medicare Interactive Counselor
The Medicare Rights Center a nonprofit consumer service organization provides free, online counseling services.

National Alliance for Caregiving
A joint venture of several nonprofit organizations and government agencies that creates reports, fact sheets, and tips for caregivers. A database lists books, pamphlet, web sites, videos, organizations and more - all rated for quality usefulness, timeliness and accessibility.

National Family Caregivers Association
The National Family Caregivers Association (NFCA) is a grassroots organization created to empower, educate, support, and speak up for the millions of Americans who care for a chronically ill, aged, or disabled loved ones.

NIH Senior Health
Health topics for seniors from the National Institutes of Health. Large print and voice narration available.


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