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7th to 9th Grade Book Club- Haiku Review Roundup

Spots are filling up fast for the 7th to 9th Grade Book Club! In fact, we've had to start a second group at 4:45 on Mondays. So if you want to sign up, there's still time. And if you're interested in what we're going to be reading, here are the books!  Read more...
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Nicholas Dane by Melvin Burgess

When fourteen year old Nicholas Dane's mother dies social services sends him to a home for boys where intimidationand violence keep order. After a number of fights and brutal punishments, Nick thinks that life can't possibly get any worse... until he realizes that the home's respected deputy head, who has been grooming him with sweets and solace, has something more frightening in mind.

Judge a book by the cover: Streams of Babel by Carol Plum-Ucci

It's ok. We all do it. We all pick up a book and without reading a single word we judge it. We decide almost immediately whether or not it's worth our time. Recently I asked the Youth Advisory Council to take a look at several books and judge them by their covers. Here's what they had to say about Streams of Babel.  Read more...

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Beat the Heat!

In honor of the first day of summer, here's a list of books that are sure to make your nose cold. They take place in the winter and can be pretty refreshing on a hot day.  Read more...

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Review: Annexed by Sharon Dogar

Anyone who's read The Diary of Anne Frank might be interested in reading Annexed. This story takes the perspective of Peter Van Pels, the boy who was hidden with Anne Frank for two years.  Read more...

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O.P.O.: Other People's Opinions

In many of the new YA fiction books, there's a slip of paper in the back of the book that says "So, what did you think?" These slips are a chance for teen library users to have their opinions heard. Here are a few of the review slips I've gotten back lately. Maybe hearing other people's opinions will help you choose a book.  Read more...

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Review: Beastly by Alex Flinn

You might assume that you know exactly what this book is like when someone says it's an updated Beauty & the Beast. However, if you read just the first couple pages of Beastly, you'll quickly realize it's not quite what you expect...  Read more...

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