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Review: Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne

What can I say about Monument 14? It's like if Lord of the Flies took place at Walmart. So, basically, fascinating.

Alex and his brother Dean are on their way to another normal day of school. When things turn horribly un-normal. They're each on different school buses, but both end up crashing into a superstore in the middle of a freak hail storm.

Some of the kids on the busses make it to the safety of the store, and some don't. The surviving bus driver heads out to get the kids help, and then the 14 kids between kindergarten and 12th grade are left to fend for themselves.

They make themselves a home in the store over the next several days. Of course, things don't run smoothly, but I would say read the book to find out just how un-smoothly.

This story takes place some years into the future. Not in an unknown, distant future, but something recognizable, which is part of what makes it scary.

I would highly recommend this book to just about any teen.

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