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Review: Slated by Teri Terry

Haiku Review:

Slated, as in cleaned
Memories wiped away, like
a newborn baby.

Kyla has been "slated" by the government. It's a program they'e started to rehabilitate teen terrorists. They basically wip their minds of their memories and knowledge and give them a clean slate. When they wake up after the procedure, they're basically like newborns. They're taught to walk and talk again.

What's different though, aside from the fact that they're teenagers and not actually babies, is that all of their moods are tracked the Levo bracelet they wear. And if their mood drifts to sad or angry they'll get a vibration. And if they drift down further, they'll get a more violent vibration. And if they drift too far down, the bracelet can in fact kill them.

Kyla feels different than other slateds. She has terrible nightmares and she asks too many questions. She's too serious and she stares too much. The question though, is why.

After she's placed with her new family it becomes more and more apparent that she's different. Her new mother is particularly aware of that fact.

Slated is definitely a dystopic novel that deals with a lot of serious issues. It's fascinating and I hope people will read it and enjoy it as much as I did, though it is quite dark at times. I would recommend it to anyone in grades 8 and up.

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