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Review: The Complete History of Why I Hate Her by Jennifer Richard Jacobson

Haiku Review:
One toxic friendship
served up for Nola, while she
waitresses in Maine.

I think everyone has had a friendship where they ask themselves "how did I get myself into this!?!?"  Whether the friend is high maintenance, overbearing or just plain mean, sometimes it's easy to fall in with someone who seems cool.  At least they seem cool until you really get to know them.

And that's what happens when Nola decides to spend a summer waitressing at a resort in Maine.  She needs a break from her younger sister's cancer, which she admits is selfish of her, but I don't think anyone could blame Nola.  When she meets Carly she quickly gets sucked into Carly's enthusiasm and shenanigans.

It takes a while for Nola to start seeing the cracks and flaws in their friendship, but she does see them.  And you'll cheer her on when she stands up for herself. If you've ever felt like you've had an awesome friend that suddenly seemed not-so-great, then definitely check out The Complete History of Why I Hate Her.

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