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Review: Reformed Vampire Support Group by Catherine Jinks

Tired of the same old, same old when it comes to vampire novels? This might be just the thing you're looking for. These vampires don't sparkle or have special powers or really do anything much at all. These are not the same kind of vampires that Stephenie Meyers writes about.

Haiku Review: 

Vampires- No fun.
No sun. Just bum around and
complain all the time. 

In 1973, Nina Harrison is turned into a vampire, which means she'll be 15 years old forever.  When she meets the other members of the Reformed Vampire Support Group, she soon learns how to be survive as a vampire, but she still doesn't like it very much.  There's a lot of stuff to deal with.  They don't eat humans, so they breed hamsters.  Bright lights hurt their eyes, so they have to wear sunglasses, even at night.  They can't go out during the day and no matter where they are as the sun comes up they fall right to sleep for the duration of the day.  They're mostly weak and sort of malnourished.

This is definitely a different story than most paranormal books are presenting today.  There's no romance, no super powers, no vampire compulsion, or special rings that allow them to survive daylight.  What it IS is funny.  There are scenes in this book that are laugh out loud funny.  It also has a lot of twists and turns and edge of your seat moments.  Because as it turns out, the support group pretty much has a vampire stalker/slayer.  And as they delve deeper into figuring out the identity of this vampire slayer, they soon learn there's more to the paranormal world than meets the eye.

They basically come across a werewolf fight club.  And of course, being supernatural themselves, they can't turn a blind eye to these poor guys who are being held captive to fight one night a month.  They have a fairly wild adventure, attempting to capture their slayer and rescue the werewolves. 

The antics of of the group continues in the new book by Catherine Jinks, The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group.  

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